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The single most important marketing tool for any organization is an effective, highly functioning website: it is the new lobby for businesses of every size.  While many agencies and developers offer impeccable design services with an array of creative, innovative tools and solutions in response to the needs of their customers, very few are capable of objectively reviewing the finished product to ensure maximum functionality and effectiveness from the consumer’s perspective.  Magpie Marketing has partnered with a professional provider of website audits to offer objective assessments of client sites.

“I always get nervous about my website feeling ‘old’ after 12 to 18 months.  This is a great service at a reasonable cost.”  ~ Barbara Taylor, MBA – Synergy Business Services & New York Times Blogger

Our auditor has provided assessment services to national website testing firms since 2009, and has audited thousands of websites ranging from independent small businesses to some of the largest, most-established national retailers and online shopping portals.  The website audit service includes:

  • Professional, objective review of the website with a particular focus on functionality, ease of navigation, clarity of message and overall appearance and usefulness.
  • Written report providing clear feedback and recommendations, including what is working well and what needs to be changed.
  • Video report interpreting the audit in detail, walking the client through recommendations and explaining where the site is losing traction (sales, traffic, conversions).
  • Virtual follow-up meeting (via Skype or Google Hangout) with a marketing strategist and the website auditor to deliver and discuss results, clarify and answer questions.
  • Final website audit (typically 6 – 12 weeks after the initial assessment, once the client has had an opportunity to make changes and adjustments) providing follow-up comments, feedback and recommendations.


Naturally, this service is the perfect complement to ongoing marketing services provided by Magpie Marketing, allowing the overall marketing and communication strategy to incorporate recommendations to enhance the effectiveness of the client website. The assessment is delivered in a clear, concise and thoughtful manner, giving the client (and their web design provider) actionable steps to improve the site.


Aspects of the audit include navigation, functionality, visual appeal, initial impressions, layout, overall design and clarity of the call to action, as well as feedback on components of the site that currently function optimally.

This unique service is provided at a flat rate for both traditional website review with an optional review of mobile platforms.  Website audits may be included as part of an overall marketing and PR strategy project or provided independently of other services.


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