The bold move.


July 25, 2014 by Beth

In June 2014, after almost a year of dreaming, strategizing, collaborating and consulting with the team at Kansas City-based Kendal King Group, I agreed to join the company as Director, Strategic Marketing.  KKG has an incredible twenty-seven year track record as a well-known retail marketing firm with expertise in display, packaging, point of purchase displays and smart solutions as well as an amazing client roster with hundreds of retail and CPG partners ranging from the world’s largest company to the NBA, DreamWorks Animation and Garmin.

However, what has impressed me most about KKG is the caliber of the people, the responsiveness of the C-Suite to innovation and big ideas and the depth of the company’s culture.  Founder Kendal King clearly set the tone when he established the company in 1987 and began traveling to northwest Arkansas to call on Walmart, and his influence permeates Kendal King Group today from its corporate headquarters in Kansas City to the Bentonville, Arkansas and Guangzhou, China outposts.  During the time I worked with KKG in a consulting capacity, I heard time and time again – always without prompting – about the company’s great reputation, integrity and top notch people.  While I’d grown very fond of KKG and its leadership team during our collaboration, the day I shook Kendal’s hand and spent a few very brief moments visiting with him sealed the deal for me that KKG was a company I would be privileged to join.

Press Release New Header-01

We are building something pretty exciting called KKG Velocity – a retail marketing agency within Kendal King Group that taps into the company’s established expertise in design, creative services and savvy solutions for the retail landscape while bringing in a new mix of communication, digital media, consulting and marketing services.

define velocity

While I have absolutely loved being an entrepreneur and wasn’t sure I could ever go back to working in a “traditional” office, I’m incredibly thrilled to make this leap. And happily, KKG is anything but traditional.  I’ve learned through much trial and error that I thrive in innovative environments with risk takers and big thinkers – people who tend to respond with “why not?”

In growing and scheming with the KKG leadership team, I’ve heard the magic words over and over… comments along the lines of “ask for forgiveness instead of permission,” or “let’s be bold and shake things up.”

Yes.  Let’s do that.


P.S. The Magpie Marketing blog will transition into a holding tank for business and marketing posts, and it will continue to be a resource for tools, apps and the latest shiny objects.  I can still be reached at for marketing and consulting services, training and speaking engagements as well as at Kendal King Group:


4 thoughts on “The bold move.

  1. congratulations! sounds exciting but keep in touch. love

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. alison says:

    I’m so excited for this journey for you Beth! And excited to watch all that comes of it! So good to hug your neck last week!! Would love for your new endeavors to bring you to Scotland. Is that possible? 🙂 XOXO


    • Beth says:

      Alison! I felt like hugging your neck was a figment of my imagination. Did you notice that I almost couldn’t interact with you, because I truthfully just wanted to put you in my bag and sneak you off to visit with you for four days straight?

      And oh my word, what a lovely note. Yes, I must figure out my way to Scotland. Don’t even think that doesn’t cross my mind, like, weekly.



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