Good Reads: Workplace Culture

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February 3, 2014 by Beth

I’m very fortunate to have an excellent inner circle of friends, peers and mentors who share a wealth of resources, tips, books and tools with me regularly. During a recent group conversation, it was obvious that the concept of workplace culture and the changing landscape of forward-thinking companies was a topic that each of currently finds captivating. While I often share gems and inspiring articles I run across via social media, I wanted to begin compiling some of the best resources for future reference.

And so, here are a few recommendations for others who may be exploring the same topic or setting intentions to find a better workplace in the near future: a purpose and an organization that is fulfilling, challenging and flexible:

  • I’m an enormous fan of Buffer, a service for sharing social media posts across a wide spectrum of dates and times. While other services allow sharing, this model is unique in allowing the front-loading of content that will then be posted at intervals (scheduled or random). Interestingly, Buffer is getting a tremendous amount of attention for their transparent business practices, published salary formulas available to anyone inside or outside the organization and this inspired overview of their culture and values. Additionally, the Buffer blog is an excellent resource thanks to an increased emphasis on content.

  • Another impressive company already on the radar of many is 37 Signals, the group behind business tools such as Highrise, Campfire and Basecamp. Likewise, the company blog – Signal vs. Noise – offers some refreshing perspective on subjects such as working remotely and providing benefits to employees such as CSA and exercise credits rather than foosball tables – you know, perks that are actually desirable. Jason Fried, co-founder of 37 Signals, is the co-author of two books that shatter the archaic practices of most businesses: Rework and Remote. Highly recommend (visit the main 37 Signals page for details – both are available on Audible).

  • Four years before anyone was following Sheryl Sandberg’s edict to Lean In (which is definitely a worthwhile book), Mireille Guilano published Women, Work and the Art of Savoir Faire. It’s an intelligent and rather unique look at women in the workplace, and while many of the concepts are similar, this is the book that I always recommend to young women trying to find traction in the professional world. Enjoy this one on Audible as well for the side benefit of Mireille’s charming French lilt (yes, I’m a bit partial). She is also the author of French Women Don’t Get Fat and the more recent French Women Don’t Get Facelifts, and I enthusiastically recommend all her books for a smart twist on self-care and lifestyle.

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