On Evernote and Harnessing the Internet


January 31, 2014 by Beth

I’ve been known to wax poetic about Evernote, but it’s only because I truly consider it the single most effective tool that I use on a daily basis for both personal and professional endeavors.  I’ve been smitten with Evernote since the very first time I tried it.

In fact, I recently re-read one of my favorite posts on the Evernote blog about how Janine Vangool publishes UPPERCASE magazine with Evernote, and noticed a reference to her very first note.  That got me curious, so I checked to see what my very first note had been, and I promise you can’t make this stuff up:


Yes, apparently on April 14, 2010 the most pressing matter at hand was to save this Far Side cartoon by Gary Larson for posterity.  Could there be a more perfect testimonial to the need for Evernote?  All kidding aside, though: it illustrates that I understood the possibilities that awaited me with this tool.  I was constantly mentioning that cartoon as a literal illustration of how I felt during the workday, and finally decided to put it somewhere I could find it rather than searching for it online.  Oh, the irony.


Fast forward several thousand notes, 83 notebooks and almost four years: I now consider Evernote my brain and have become a tireless advocate for this product.

In fact, so much so that I was asked to do a little training of sorts for several members of the local S.C. Johnson team earlier this week.  So – naturally – I used Evernote to put together a little presentation and happily shared with the SCJ team why it is the most essential tool I use, and how I essentially run my business using Evernote and an iPad.


We employed several other tools in the conversation as well: that’s my Mac screen on an SCJ team member’s Dell laptop (above) thanks to screen-sharing app Join.me, and there may or may not have been some minds blown in the room when we discussed the power of tools such as IFTTT and Zapier to harness the power of the internet to do your daily bidding.  I’m also a huge fan of Buffer, and they happen to have recently shared a great post naming eight phenomenal tools for running a business.  Take note: these are some high level, impressive and very nimble solutions.

Sharing smart ways to use tools for productivity is one of my favorite topics.  I’ve just started contributing to a popular organizing blog on this subject and love having opportunities to help clients, teams and individuals understand and use the amazing assets available today.  I’ve done social media training for almost seven years, from main street merchants to the team at the Winthrop Rockefeller Institute (an organization worth exploring in its own right).

Social media, e-newsletters or simply maximizing Evernote: it all makes me tick… reach out to me on LinkedIn or via email: beth {at} magpiemarketing {dot} org if I can be helpful to you!

If you’re interested in trying it, here’s an (affiliate) link for a free month of Evernote Premium.


4 thoughts on “On Evernote and Harnessing the Internet

  1. Thank you for the training. My mind IS officially “blown” and am happily committing my life to going paperless. Evernote is rocking my world!!


  2. […] components.  As a side note, I’ve gone back to TeuxDeux for my tasks, and Evernote for everything else under the sun.  Others love Trello as their task list, but I work […]


  3. […] appropriate, because that Gary Larson snippet perfectly captures how I feel about Evernote: I use it because my brain feels full, and I simply don’t have the capacity or the desire to try to remember everything. […]


  4. […] more appropriate, because that Gary Larson snippet perfectly captures how I feel about Evernote: I use it because my brain feels full, and I simply don’t have the capacity or the desire to try to remember […]


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