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September 20, 2013 by Beth

If you’ve spent more than 30 minutes around me, you’re already painfully aware that I’m a HUGE fan of Evernote. It actually functions in place of a brain for me on a daily basis, and I truly believe it is one of the single best tools I’ve ever encountered. It’s not just an app or desktop tool – it’s an entire {paperless!} work system and filing cabinet. I first ranted about it in 2010, and it has evolved mightily since then, as I’ve mentioned. I can’t even begin to tell you about all the features I love – but I’m happy to try:
Notes: At its most simplistic, Evernote is a fantastic note-taking app. However, it also consolidates your jottings with tags, keywords and incredible searchability. Picture having stacks of paper, file folders and projects on your desk which magically disappear and live instead in Evernote, still neatly stacked, but with the advantage of a personal fairy who will search through them all, find the scrap of paper you need and return it to you covered in glitter and unicorns. It’s the reason my desk now looks like this:
Simple Collateral: Every project or file folder comes with dozens of ancillary items – photos, graphics, notes scribbled on a PDF document, voice memos, spreadsheets and presentations. All of that can be created AND virtually paper clipped into your “files” in Evernote, and you can even create graphics or mark up screen shots, photos and documents with complimentary (typically free) apps and products such as Skitch. Here’s an example:


Idea File: Early in my career, I remember being impressed by an individual who kept an idea file. I thought it was a great way to keep a dose of inspiration handy and not lose track of great concepts to try in the future. Today, I’m on a mission to eliminate paper – and, in general, stuff – from my life. Enter Evernote. Whether I’m skimming a magazine in a waiting room and spot a product I want to try, hear about a book I’d like to read or find something that would make a great future gift, I can store it all in one place with tags (i.e. gifts) to find the information later.

Mind. Blown.: Here’s the thing about Evernote – all those features above are lovely, but what can’t be easily conveyed is the innovation this company is churning out in its quest to be a “hundred year startup.” For example, you can photograph your meeting notes on a whiteboard and they will be searchable if you’re a premium user. You might forward emails for future reference (or to read later) to your personal Evernote address, and pop key words or hashtags in the subject line to ensure they automatically go to the right file. Premium users can turn notes into presentations (Mac only for now), and any note can include a reminder to revisit it later.
I enthusiastically recommend following the Evernote blog, because new features are rolled out almost weekly and it includes tips for using Evernote to manage specific functions. So, how to use Evernote to publish a magazine, manage work flow, sell real estate, prepare lesson plans, and just about any other specific career function. There is also an arsenal of recommendations on how to maximize your use of features and tools from Evernote ambassadors (I just know they are going to finally accept me one of these days) like Michael Hyatt and paperless ambassador Jamie Todd Rubin.

Anyway, here’s the point: Evernote has (finally) added a referral feature, so now I can share this little link if you’re interested in trying out Evernote Premium free for a month. Evernote itself is free, but I’ve paid for the premium service for several years and it has been worth every cent. Check it out if you’re so inclined, and apologies for the infomercial!! They’re not paying me (tragically) – I’m just that fired up about Evernote. I know, #nerd. Let me know if you use it!


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