Defining Mission, Vision and Values


August 26, 2013 by Beth

Sometimes, we get so darn busy just existing and doing that it’s hard to slow down and record it all. This same irony accosts authors in the form of writer’s block, parents who wish they were better at keeping journals and scrapbooks, bloggers in need of inspiration and… yes, even those in the field of marketing and communication.

At times when you lack motivation, inspiration or your general “get up and go,” there are some very basic steps you can take which transcend every field and most obstacles:

1. Don’t just sit there, do something.

2. Make an appointment – be it a phone call or face to face – with someone who infuses you with excitement.

3. Dwell on the reasons you started down this path in the first place: that is, your inspiration.

It’s critical for teams to sit down once in a while to think about the future of the organization, the opportunities that lie ahead and, most importantly, why the organization exists in the first place – why you’re doing what you’re doing. Every business should have a mission/vision/values statement – it can be very to the point or rather extended.

If you’re at a standstill, tackling this small but inspiring project might help get you over the hump. Consider your mission (what it is you want to accomplish, do, change or be in the world), your vision (your aspiration or charge) and your values (the core set of principles that guide you).

For example:

The mission of Magpie Marketing is to support the work of brands, products and organizations that need a little nudge.

The vision is to focus on big ideas and innovative strategies delivered in simple, actionable ways, and to help organizations focus on what they do best while someone else worries about telling their story to the world.

The values that drive the work include serving as an exceptional resource to client brands and businesses. In other words, it’s not just about setting up their social media platforms or telling them where to place effective advertising. It’s much bigger. It’s about thinking strategically and being visionary on their behalf, helping the organization to push the envelope and try new things to help their company, product, service or personal brand thrive.

None of this completely defines Magpie Marketing, but it DOES help center and focus every endeavor.

Grab a scrap of paper, a napkin or a notebook and give some thought to these topics today… or the next time you find yourself in a funk. I’d love to hear what inspires you, and I’d love to help you fulfill your mission!

This post is modified from an original series that appeared in 2012 on Porch Swing Marketing, a fledgling endeavor with Stephanie Buckley. Steph is the founder and mastermind behind Arkansas Women Bloggers and the owner of The Women Bloggers, the parent site for state blogger communities such as Alabama, Mississippi and Oklahoma Women Bloggers). Although we only collaborated for a short while, I credit Steph as one of the most positive influencers in my life and a huge reason for the success of Magpie Marketing. Keep up with her adventures living on a state park and raising her boys to be warriors and gentlemen on her personal blog, The Park Wife, or (of course) on Twitter: @TheParkWife.

Image source/credit: The Graphics Fairy.


One thought on “Defining Mission, Vision and Values

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